A ‘Legacy cocktail’ is more than just a great tasting drink: it is a drink that stands the test of time and becomes established in the industry.

The USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition sponsored by BACARDI® aims to challenge cocktail bartenders from around the world to find the BACARDÍ rum cocktail with the greatest potential to establish itself as a classic and join the pantheon of BACARDÍ® Legacy cocktails alongside the Mojito, Daiquirí and Cuba Libre before it.
It includes a fundamentally important promotional phase, where bartenders are challenged to demonstrate that their drink has the potential to become established in the drinks industry as a true classic by securing trial, consumer and trade awareness, and distribution.


For a bartender to enter USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition, they must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age at the time that they enter the Competition.
The previous USBG Legacy Cocktail Competition national champion will be ineligible to enter the following USBG Legacy Competition. They will, however, be able to compete again in subsequent competition years.
Employees of the sponsor or any Bacardi Group Company (‘Bacardi’), as well as the immediate family (spouse, parent, siblings, and children) and household members of those employees, are not eligible to enter.


The participating bartender will be required to submit an original cocktail recipe, that meets the recipe criteria described below (the ‘Entry’):


  • There is a limit of one (1) Entry per person.
  • Recipes must be expressed in ounces or parts, with dashes and/or drops being the smallest quantities.
  • The recipe should not exceed 1.5oz of alcohol.


  • The recipe must be rum-based and include BACARDÍ® Carta Blanca Rum, BACARDÍ® Carta Oro Rum or BACARDÍ® Gran Reserva 8 Años Rum as the dominant spirit ingredient.
  • The recipe should not contain another competitive rum brand.
  • The recipes must contain no more than six (6) ingredients. Any garnish or spritz that is not already listed as an ingredient and which changes the taste or aromatic profile of the cocktail will be considered an additional ingredient
  • e.g. aromatic herbs, zests, spices, bitters or liqueurs applied to the glass or drink, etc...
  • The recipe should contain commonly available ingredients. Commonly available ingredients are defined as those ingredients that are frequently available to ‘cocktail bars’ around the world.
  • House specific, or home-made, ingredients will not be eligible unless these are easy to make and are accompanied by a full recipe and methodology of preparation.
    • Home-made syrups are permitted but must have no more than two (2) flavor ingredients.
    • Home-made shrubs are permitted but must have no more than two (2) flavor ingredients (with the vinegar being included as one (1) flavor ingredient).
    • Home-made bitters and tinctures are prohibited.
    • Home-made fermented beverages e.g. kefir, kombucha, kvass are prohibited.
    • Home-made rum blends or rum infusions are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to use ingredients that contain tobacco, any type of drug or psychotropic ingredient.


  • You must specify an original name for your cocktail.
  • The name may not include any copyrighted or trademarked material or any retailer’s name, except that youmay use the BACARDÍ® brand in the name.
  • The name must also adhere to the Bacardi Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which ensures that names:
    • avoid particular appeal to those below the legal drinking age;
    • do not emphasize or allude to the alcoholic strength or the alcohol effect of the drink;
    • are not associated with bravado, dangerous or anti-social behavior;
    • avoid any association with sex or sexual success;
    • avoid any association with sports, educational activities or civic/religious festivities;
    • do not imply any medicinal properties or values;
    • do not link to illegal, irresponsible or immoderate consumption;
    • do not allude to enhanced mental or physical capabilities.


There is no cost of entry to the participant for USBG Legacy. To take part in the competition, you must express your interest via


The competition will open on the September 26th, 2017 and will close on the October 22nd, 2017. You must register your interest in participating in the competition, before the closing date, by submitting your cocktail to


You must create an original BACARDÍ® Rum cocktail based on the recipe criteria outlined above and submit your recipe on the website.

  • Cocktail ingredients list
  • Cocktail name
  • Cocktail preparation methodology
  • Cocktail inspiration
  • A photograph of the cocktail that includes no branding elements that may indicate who created the drink or which bar they work. Photographs are optional and will not factor into your overall score.


By participating in this Competition, you indicate your unconditional agreement to these Terms and Conditions, the Program Requirements, the Sponsor’s decisions and with the applicable laws, regulations and competition rules, which are final and binding.


The USBG will manage the selection process, and all submissions will be scored without knowledge of the applicant’s name or place of business. A panel of judges will review the submitted entries and select the ten (10) best entries {per eight (8) regions} that are considered to have the cocktails with most potential to become classic cocktails and who will progress to the next stage of the competition. Entries will be evaluated on the following judging criteria: (1) the concept of each recipe; (b) how easy each recipe is to replicate; (c) the inspirational story behind each recipe. Participants should expect to hear whether they have progressed to the following round via email at the address provided within three (3) weeks of the Entry period closing. The expert judges’ decision is final, absolute and completely discretional, after which there is no appeal on the part of any participant or third party. Finalists will be informed about the dates of the semi-final, via email, at an opportune time.


The - Semi-Finals will be held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Boston and New York City. During the semi-final events, each participant will be required to make for the judges, in seven (7) minutes, three (3) servings of their Legacy cocktail. The judges’ scores will determine the Semi-Finalists winner per city, who will progress to the next stage of the competition. The eight (8) most promising competitors will be informed about the dates of the next stage of the competition, via email, at an opportune time.


Two (2) additional semi-finalists, from the total Eighty (80), who compete will be eligible to be awarded one (1) of Two (2) places into the US Legacy Finals. These 2 competitors will be determined by the top scores awarded from the Semi Finals scoring. The USBG will review all scores, once all semi-finals are complete and determine the two (2) Primos wild card recipients.


The Ten (10) US Finalists will progress to the next stage of the competition where they will be given a minimum of One (1) month to demonstrate that their cocktail has the ability to establish itself in the industry. They will do this by creating a promotional campaign and plan for their drink and over the given time period, demonstrating that the cocktail has achieved visibility, awareness and trial amongst both the trade and consumers. This ‘promotional campaign’ will be judged by a panel of experts and will account for one third (1/3) of the total marks for the USBG® Legacy National Final.

TEN (10) MOST PROMISING PROMOTIONAL PLAN PRESENTATION At the end of the agreed promotional period, each competitor must present a summary of the achievements of their promotional plan to panel of expert judges. The scores of the Promotional Plan presentation will be judged using the criteria outlined below and will constitute one third (1/3) of the total marks in the National Finals.


Eachoftheten(10)USFinalistswillembarkonaneducationalexperienceinPuertoRico. They will take a distillery tour, be provided with education to support their Legacy journey and career and guest bartend.


The National Final will take place in Miami. During the National Final, each of the Ten (10) US Finalists will be asked to make their BACARDÍ® Legacy Cocktail Entry for the judges, using the Judging Criteria described below. The scores awarded by this panel of judges will constitute two thirds (2/3) of the marks in the National Final and will be combined with the scores from the Promotional Plan Presentation to identify the National USBG® Legacy Winners. There will be two (2) US winners to make it through to the global finals.


The National Winners will receive a trophy and a trip to the BACARDÍ® Legacy Global Final which will be held in Mexico City, Mexico. The trip includes: (a) round-trip coach/economy class airfare for one person from an airport close to the National Winner’s home to Mexico City; (b) hotel accommodations between 7 and 8 nights; and (c) subsistence and local travel associated with the Global Competition events for the duration of the competition. The approximate retail value of the trip is $10,000. The actual value of the trip may vary depending on various factors, including the date of booking, the point of departure, and the dates of travel.

Any prize details not specified above will be determined by the appropriate sponsoring company, in its sole discretion. The prize may not be transferred and must be accepted as awarded. A winner may not request cash or a substitute prize; however, the sponsoring company reserves the right to substitute a prize (or component thereof) with another prize (or component thereof) of equal or greater value if the prize is not available for any reason, as determined by the sponsoring company, in its sole discretion. Winners must travel on the dates specified by the sponsoring company. Once travel documents are issued, travel arrangements cannot be changed. If a winner cannot travel on the dates specified by the sponsoring company, he/she will not be permitted to compete in the next stage of the Competition. Winners are responsible for securing, at their own expense, passports, visas, and any other documents necessary for international travel. In addition, a winner is responsible for paying any applicable income taxes and any and all other costs and expenses not specifically listed above.


The Global Final for BACARDÍ® Legacy 2017/18 will take place in Mexico City, Mexico. During the Global Final, each of the National Winners will be asked to participate in two days of educational seminars and interactive workshops held by international cocktail industry influencers. They will then be required to take part in two days of global semi-finals where they must present their BACARDÍ® Legacy Cocktail Entry for a panel of expert judges; and present a summary of their Promotional Plan to another panel of expert judges; using the Judging Criteria described below. At the end of the second day of global semi-finals, the sixteen (16)  ́Best Drink’ performances will be announced based on the points from competitors’ drink presentations only. To the scores of these sixteen (16) ‘Best Drink’, the scores from their Promotional Plan Presentation will be added and the eight (8) contestants with the highest combined scores will be named the ‘Final Ocho’, or the BACARDÍ® Legacy Global Finalists. The following day, these eight (8) finalists will be required to present their BACARDÍ® Legacy cocktail to a new panel of expert judges.

Using only the scores from this final presentation, and using the criteria outlined below, the judges will select and then announce the BACARDÍ® Legacy Global Winner. All stages of the Global Final will take place in English.


The Global Winner will receive a trophy and tailor made BACARDÍ experience, designed in conjunction with the BACARDÍ Rum Global Brand Ambassador. This experience will include educational visits to some of the world’s most influential cocktail cities and industry events, e.g. Tales of the Cocktail, London Cocktail Week, Bar Convent Berlin, etc.

Any prize details not specified above will be determined by the appropriate sponsoring company, in its sole discretion. The prize may not be transferred and must be accepted as awarded. A winner may not request cash or a substitute prize; however, the sponsoring company reserves the right to substitute a prize (or component thereof) with another prize (or component thereof) of equal or greater value if the prize is not available for any reason, as determined by the sponsoring company, in its sole discretion. Winners must travel on the dates specified by the sponsoring company. Once travel documents are issued, travel arrangements cannot be changed. Winners are responsible for securing, at their own expense, passports, visas, and any other documents necessary for international travel. In addition, a winner is responsible for paying any applicable income taxes and any and all other costs and expenses not specifically listed above.


The following General Judging Criteria will be used to judge a contestant’s Legacy cocktail in the Semi-Finals:




– Cocktail name –10 points

– Inspiration – 15 points

– Originality – 10 points

– Replicability – 10 points


– Visual Appeal (was presentation) – 15 points

– Aroma – 15 points

– Taste, mouthfeel and finish – 40 points


–  Performance – 15 points

–  Technique – 10 points

–  A -10 point time penalty will be incurred from each judge if the competitor goes overtime.

During this phase of the competition, competitors will have two (2) minutes to set up the bar and seven (7) minutes to present their Legacy cocktail and make three (3) cocktails for the judges.



– Visibility – 10 points

– Awareness – 10 points

– Trial – 10 points

– Creativity – 10 points

During the Promotional Plan Presentation, competitors will have seven (7) minutes to present a summary of their promotional plan and (3) minutes to respond to questions posed by the expert judges. At the sole discretion of the sponsoring company this time may be increased in the National Finals stage.

Competitors’ presentations must be in a Microsoft Powerpoint, Key Notes or PDF format and be accompanied by a completed promotional summary sheet, which competitors will be asked to complete prior to competing in the Global Final. This promotional summary sheet will include a summary of information, required by the judges to understand the promotional limitations of the market in which the competitor operates; the level of support provided by the local Bacardi Company; and the personal achievements of each competitor in establishing their Legacy cocktail. The information on the presentation and promotional summary form must match and both of these documents must be delivered to the USBG Legacy organizing committee, on a USB pen-drive by the date and time stipulated, with no exceptions.

Any claims made in the promotional presentations must be supported with documented evidence, including sales tickets from bars, photography of events and / or any promotional collateral created.

The clock will be stopped during the promotional plan presentation for any technical problems associated with the materials presented in the incorrect format, including any technical problems associated with video or audio that the competitor wishes to share.



Specific information about the ownership and usage rights of any cocktail name, recipe, drink story, cocktail or contestant photography, as well as the right of using the name and the images of the participant taken during the competition are detailed in the Terms and Conditions below.




Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. 2701 Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables, FL.


The Competition is open only to individuals who (a) are legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and (b) are at least twenty-one (21) years of age as of the closing date for entries, and (c) have a passport valid through November 2018. Employees of Sponsor or any Bacardi Group company (“Bacardi”), as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of those employees, are not eligible to enter.


By participating in this Competition, you indicate your unconditional agreement to these Terms and Conditions, the Program Requirements, the Sponsor’s decisions and with the applicable laws, regulations and competition rules, which are final and binding. You cannot win a prize unless you comply with all requirements set forth herein. The Sponsor reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions or the Program Requirements at any time, without prior notice. Any changes will be communicated to the participants via email. Moreover, by participating, you represent that you are complying with any policies your employer may have regarding participation in contests of this nature.


By entering, you: (a) grant Sponsor, Bacardi, and each of their agents, licensees, and assigns (collectively, the “Rights Holders”) right and permission with attribution to copyright, reproduce, encode, store, copy, transmit, publish, post, broadcast, display, publicly perform, adapt, modify, create derivative works of, exhibit, and otherwise use your Entry as-is or as-edited in any media throughout the world for any purpose, without limitation, and without additional review, compensation, or approval from you or any other party - for a period of five years from the date you submitted the Entry; (b) waive any rights of copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, and any other legal or moral rights that may preclude the Rights Holders’ use of your Entry, as outlined above, or require any further permission for the Rights Holders to use the Entry; and (c) agree not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against the Rights Holders on the grounds that any use of the Entry, or any derivative works, infringes any of your rights as creator of the Entry, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, and moral rights.


Except where prohibited, by participating in the Competition, you agree that the Rights Holders and any media attending events related to the Competition may use your name, likeness, voice, opinions, photographs, audio- visual footage, recipe, biographical information, state of residence, and/or any other record of your participation in the Competition for promotional purposes in any press releases, advertisements, television, radio, film, documentary, internet, or in any other publication or media without further payment or consideration.


In the event that the operation, security, or administration of the Competition is impaired in any way, the Sponsor may, in its sole discretion, either: (a) suspend the Competition to address the impairment and then resume the Competition; or (b) award the prizes according to the criteria set forth above from among the eligible entries received up to the time of the impairment. The Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers with the operation of the Competition, violates these Terms and Conditions or acts in a disruptive or unsportsmanlike manner. The Sponsor’s failure to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. Proof of sending any communication to Sponsors by mail shall not be deemed proof of receipt of that communication by the Sponsor. The Competition is subject to all applicable laws and regulations in effect where conducted and is void where prohibited.


By participating in the Competition, you agree to release and hold harmless the Sponsor, Bacardi, and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (the “Released Parties”) from and against any claim or cause of action arising out of participation in the Competition or receipt or use of any prize, including, but not limited to: (a) unauthorized human intervention in the Competition; (b) technical errors; (c) printing errors; (d) lost, late, postage-due, misdirected, or undeliverable mail; (e) errors in the administration of the Competition or the processing of Entries; or (f) injury or damage to persons or property. You further agree to indemnify, release, and hold the Released Parties harmless from any claims that their use of your Entry (as contemplated in these Rules) violates or infringes upon the rights of any third party. You waive the right to claim any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, punitive, consequential, direct, or indirect damages.


Except where prohibited, you agree that any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of, or connected with, the Competition or any prize awarded shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by the appropriate court located in Mexico City, Mexico. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Terms and Conditions, your rights and obligations, or the rights and obligations of the Sponsor in connection with the Competition, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Nevada, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules, which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than Nevada

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Please send all emails to:

Thank you,

Darnell Holguin
2017 Winner
Ryan Kent Wainwright
2017 Winner

Event Details

1 U.S. Final in February 2018

2 Finalists represent the U.S. in the Global Cocktail Competition


Peter Hannah


Chris Amirault

Los Angeles

Luis Ramos


Chris Morris


Luis Hernandez

New York City

Megan Radke


French Scotty Marshall

Washington, D.C.

Marlowe Johnson


Moe Isaza

Cambridge, Mass.

Christian Suzuki

San Francisco

Past U.S. Winners


Gn Chan

2016 Global Winner

It Was All A Dream

Darnell Holguin

2017 Winner Usa East

Playa Fortuna

Ryan Kent Wainwright

2017 Winner Usa West



Ran Van Ongevalle

Out To Sea

Allen Fang

Electric Avenue

Conor Myers

Big Fish

Vitaly Alekseyev

Admiral’s Salute

Darren Miley


Davide Boncimino


Grace Tsai

La Blanca

Hideyuki Saito

La Viento

Dave Kerr


Grzegorz Nowicki

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